How to Build Your Dream Home in 12 Easy Steps

Caywood Builders LLC’s 12 Step Process of Turning Your Dream into Reality©

At Caywood Builders, our goal is to make the process of building your new home fun and easy. Building your dream home is a complex undertaking. Many people never move forward simply because they aren’t sure what they need to do first. Others are concerned, as they should be, about what happens during the process and when it happens.

In order for you to feel more comfortable with the idea of building a custom home and to help you to understand the sequence of events that take place along the way, we have created this step by step guide for you to follow. Not only does this guide clearly lay out the path of the custom building process, it gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing what to expect next at each point in the progression.

When you are ready to build your dream home, we hope you will consider Caywood Builders, a certified, environmentally conscious company based in Middle Tennessee with Accreditation of the BBB and a higher standard of excellence. You can reach Keith Caywood at or by phone at 615.394.0379.

Step 1 – Make a Decision to look at your options

This seems obvious. Noting happens until you make a decision to move forward. However, many people spend months or even years thinking, “someday we’re going to build that new home,” but they never make a decision to act. Keep reading and you will discover that there is really no reason not to take the first steps. You have nothing to lose and you may discover that there has never been a better time to build than right now. Construction costs are down and quality subcontractors are plentiful.

When the housing market picks back up (and it will pick back up) material and labor prices will rise and the availability of quality subcontractors will go down. As a result, it will take longer to build which means your financing expenses will also increase.

Step 2 – Schedule your Icebreaker™ Meeting

This is easy. Just contact Keith and set up your initial, no pressure, no obligation, meeting. Once you have scheduled the Icebreaker™ Meeting you will receive Caywood Builder’s Discovery Survey™ to fill out and send back prior to the meeting.

Step 3 – Fill out the Discovery Survey™

Step 4 – The Icebreaker™ Meeting

Step 5 – Plan Search

Step 6 – “Ballpark” Estimate

Step 7 – Site Selection

Step 8 – Plan Design

Step 9 – Final Estimate and Specifications

Step 10 – Construction Agreement

Step 11 – Construction

Step 12 – Warranty

There you have it . . . How to build your dream home in 12 easy steps! Now that you know how simple the process is why don’t you go ahead and take the first step right now while you’re thinking about it.

This is a no obligation, get-to-know-each-other, answer-your-questions-about-the-Custom-Home-process, meeting. If you decide not to go any further that’s no problem. We understand. We just want you to have all the facts before you make such an important decision.

Caywood Builders is dedicated not only to building a quality home that you can be proud of but to making the process of building it fun and easy. There hasn’t been a better time in years to build your custom home. Material and labor prices are down, quality subcontractors are readily available, and despite what you hear in the media, banks are anxious to loan money to qualified buyers.

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