How much will my house cost per square foot?

This is a very common question and many prospective home buyers use the price per square foot as a way to compare value between different houses and different builders.

It’s a question that can be easily answered by a production builder who builds the same plan with the same features over and over again. But asking a custom builder how much he charges per square foot is like asking a car dealer how much he charges per pound of car. It all depends on the car’s specifications. The Lexus LS is going to cost substantially more per pound than the Toyota Camry even though they are both about the same size. They both have four doors, four wheels, an engine, and they are built by the same company, but the price difference is dramatic.
During our initial design phase we will determine your specifications and supply you with a “ballpark” price that will allow you to determine not only if you wish to proceed with the design, but roughly how much the house will cost per square foot.

How much do I have to put down?

We are a custom builder which means no two homes are ever alike. It also means no two deals are ever alike. The terms of the deal will depend upon several factors but as a rule of thumb, a ten percent deposit to cover start up costs is customary. This can often be supplied in part or in whole from the initial draw on the construction loan.

How long will it take to build our new home?

That depends on the size of the home, the complexity of the plan, the topography of the lot, the time of year, and other factors. On average it takes us about five months to complete a typical home.

Can you help me find land or a lot to build on?

As a licensed Realtor® who is actively involved in the local real estate community, we have the ability to help you find the ideal site for your home.

As a professional builder and designer, we can evaluate potential sites for their suitability and determine if there are hidden problems that only a professional builder would be aware of.

Where do you build?

Our home base is in Murfreesboro, but we are also working in East Nashville. As a rule of thumb we will build anywhere within a forty-file mile radius of the city.

What if I don’t have a plan?

Caywood Builders is a full service Design/Build firm that specializes in assisting our clients with the design phase as well as the construction phase of the building process. We provide professional guidance and assistance throughout the entire design/build process.

Who helps me with my selections?

Caywood Builders offers a design consultant on staff to help you make your selections throughout the building process. You can see our Standard Selections here.

Do I have to sell my current home first?

Traditionally, the only way you could start a new home without first selling the one you currently own is to be able to qualify for both payments. For most people this is not possible. However, we have established a working relationship with a local lender that allows you to qualify for you new home without having to sell your current home first. This is a very unique arrangement and we are excited to offer this option to our clients. For more details contact our office.

Do you offer a written warranty?

All of our homes come with a comprehensive “bumper-to-bumper” warranty for the first year. In addition, all of our homes come with a ten year structural warranty backed by one of the nations oldest and most respected warranty companies.

Do you supply references?

Absolutely. We expect and encourage you to check our references and we will gladly supply you with a list of those references before we ask you to make a commitment.

How long does the design process take?

If you already have the basic layout in mind then it can be as quick as thirty days. If we are starting from scratch it can take sixty days or longer. It all depends on how sure you are of the layout and features you are looking for.

Are you a member of the BBB?

Yes. We are an accredited member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau so you can rest assured that we are a company that places integrity and customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list. We encourage you to check out Caywood Builders (or any builder you may be considering) with the BBB.

Are you a member of any Home Builder Associations?

You want to be confident that your builder has the most current knowledge of the things that are important to the success of your project. As a member of the Rutherford County Home Builders Association, the Tennessee Home Builders Association, and the National Association of Homebuilders we are committed to the professional growth that will benefit you when you choose to do business with Caywood Builders.

What if I am working with a Realtor, can I bring them to our meetings?

Certainly. If you have established a relationship with a Realtor then their insight and input will be invaluable so by all means, bring them along.