What are your needs?

The first question to ask is, what does the builder specialize in? No one can be all things to everyone and those who try to be usually end up being nothing to anyone. Some builders specialize in building their plans on your land. Others specialize in building stock or custom plans within their own developments. While some builders may focus on high end luxury homes others may concentrate on mid range homes. Some builders won’t work with you until you have your plans finalized and your land purchased. Others may refer you to a designer or send you to a web site for your plans or point you to a Realtor to help find the right land.

Our Specialty

Caywood Builders is a full service Design/Build firm that specializes in assisting our clients with the design phase as well as the construction phase of the building process. When you are building a new home, we provide professional guidance and assistance throughout the entire design/build process.

Our Capabilities

We have the expertise and the capabilities of handling the design from scratch or we can make modifications to a plan you may already have. As a licensed Real Estate Agent, we also have the ability to assist you in finding the perfect piece of land to build on whether that is a hundred acres in the country or a third of an acre in a planned development within the city.

Full Service Builder

Caywood Builders is a full service home builder. That means all you need to bring to the first meeting is a dream and the desire to make that dream a reality. We will guide you through the entire process of developing your budget, finding the ideal land, creating the working drawings, and constructing the home of your dreams.

Shared Values

Another question you should ask yourself when considering any builder is; Can I get along with this person and their team? Do we have similar ideals and views of life? While this may sound a little bit too touchy-feely for the purposes of screening a builder let me assure you that it is not. One of the most critical factors in whether or not your home building experience will be pleasant or not is the synergy and connection you have with your builder and nothing predicts this more than sharing similar world views, values, and ideals.

Our Values

Keith Caywood is a Christian business man who brings the values of his faith into all he does, including his business. While very few people would object to working with such a person there are some who would and you may be one of them. If that’s the case then you probably want to keep searching for a builder with whom you feel comfortable.

The Next Step

Contact Keith to set up an IceBreaker© Meeting. You can reach him by phone at 615.394.0379 or by email.