Understated Elegance

In today’s modern world we see phases as they tend to come and go. There was a time where gold / brass fixtures was the ‘in thing’ and what all people wanted. Now that is not the case. People aren’t looking for shiny, they want simple like white gold or platinum. This seems to be the trend with houses and new home owners since the recession. New home owners are steering away from the old school Victorian style of architecture and leaning towards the Craftsman look.

Keith Caywood believes that it is like the mindset adjustment that our country went through during the Great Depression, our country has now transitioned it mind set as we grow out of the “Great” Recession. Our country in no way experienced the devastation of the Great Depression, but the Great Recession was a painful time and I think many home buyers have revaluated their priorities.

When trends was all about the gold and having everything big – standing out the Victorian style was popular. The Victorian style of houses tend to have a lot more going on with the design. More specifically, you will see much more crown with more profile details in the Victorian style of home. In one of Caywood Builders model homes pictured below, you can see the bathroom where there are multiple layers of crown and 2 step trey ceiling which shows the extensive detail put in to the interior of this room. You can also see how large the room is in this style of home.




Now today’s trends are more simple & ‘not about the gold’ we are seeing a change in the style of homes being built. New home owners are wanting simplicity and are shifting towards more personal and meaningful places within the house instead of big rooms. Due to this, downsizing is seeming to be a long term trend. Below is one of the recently built houses Lot 75 Puckett Station. You can see a big difference between the two bathrooms. This craftsmen style is much more simple and personal compared to the 1st model house pictured above.

Often we see our clients steering floor plan designs away from trey and 2ndstory great ceilings in rooms to utilize that area to be “useable” space. The floor above the previous 2 story great room can be converted to a loft area or a upstairs master bedroom.




There is no wrong or right when looking at these two different style of homes. Here at Caywood Builders we design and build the style of house that you desire. Often we will jokingly say: selections & taste / opinions are like belly buttons J everyone has one, your belly button may like the Victorian ornate details, or the understated elegance. Simplicity is the phase as of now as new home owners are wanting to create more meaning & less “Bling” to their new home.

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