Apples & Oranges

As the home building industry continues to grow again and transition, there are a multitude of options to consider when building your new home. The most important aspect is whether you want to construct a custom-built or production-built home. Here at Caywood Builders we are Custom Home Builders, although we want to give you an insight into the differences between the two. Of course neither choice is bad, they are just two different types of building so we are not here to compare the two because it is the same as comparing apples and oranges.

Production Builders: Apples

  • Usually build on land that they own
  • Have a large staff – with more overhead cost
  • Create a floor plan they believe will be successful and wanted by consumers
  • Use a limited set of features in there homes for example: small range of colors, materials, etc
  • Home selections usually made in early portion of the process, then limited contact for input throughout building the home
  • Produce the same product over and over again to create a more economical “product”
  • Build for all price points from entry level to luxury
  • Tend to be large-volume builders, which is more than 25 homes a year
  • Pricing for production homes tends to be less, since volume is the focus with economies of numbers
  • Fast build times due to the fact that once they have their set procedure, it is just a matter of repetition

Custom Builders: Oranges

  • Builds on land the customer owns, or on home sites/land they own
  • Tend to craft homes specifically for the client’s needs and wants
  • Have a different set of plans for every house because they are for the clients desire
  • Generally are small volume builders, which is less than 25 homes a year
  • Tend to build mid to high-end homes
  • Have a small staff with a personal connection to clients
  • Build single-family homes
  • Fully customizable homes

As stated earlier, we specialize in Custom Home Building. Here at Caywood Builders we use specific processes and procedures for our homes. We offer a personal service with out clients and provide them with our own step by step process for building a new home put together by Caywood Builder’s own Keith Caywood. We get on a personal level when dealing with our clients so we know exactly what they desire for their new home. Furthermore, we provide the options and can draw custom home plans to capture your desire when we build your new home.

When thinking about building a new home, don’t forget that customer service is a key factor and shouldn’t be overlooked. Both Production builders and Custom builders will be able to to build your home, that is a given. The choice is with you, the home owner. Do you desire a house that you want to be built quickly with limited options, or would you prefer a house that has everything you desire, where the builders pay attention to every detail for their clients and be able to have a strong line of communication and work as a team with your new home builder.

Caywood Builders understands that choosing a builder for your new home can be an arduous process. We also understand that Caywood Builders – homes aren’t for everyone, but we are Custom Home Craftsmen and our houses are truly customizable in every way. We are dedicated to serving our clients and we make sure our clients are happy with their new home. A home is personal, it can be where you raise your family, make life long memories, and the home builder you choose should also be able to relate to their clients on a personal level.

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