Seize The Moment

People say that good things come to those who wait, but at this current time waiting is not the best decision if you’re thinking about building or purchasing a house. Nashville has been the fastest growing city in the United States over recent years and is continuing to grow. Being located in Murfreesboro, we are effected by the growth happening just north of us up the I24. Being a short drive away from the country music capital of Nashville puts us in a prime area.

In the past few years, Caywood Builders have noticed a dramatic increase in the number houses we are constructing. We didn’t have much work going on due to the crash of the property market, but we are now effectively bouncing back, we are growing again and business is increasing. This has lead us to encourage new home builders out there to build because now is the time where you can save money because of the lower interest rates.

Although the property market crashed a number of years ago, it has recently picked up tremendously and continues to grow. Comparing interest rates from when the market crashed to now you will see a significant change. At this current time interest rates are between 4% and 5%, compared to the time of the market crash where they were up over 6%! Banks are now making it easier for people to get mortgage loans for houses because of these lower interest rates.

For those of you that have been sitting on the fence for a while debating whether to build a house or not, now is a great time. People need to seize the moment and take advantage of this. Here at Caywood Builders we highly recommend this point in time a good time to start building your new home.

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