Caywood Digest

The cold crisp mornings and shortening days may have you thinking of winter, yet we are still in fall time the residential sales marketplace is still going strong. We have many projects going on at this current time, as business is picking up in the Middle Tennessee area. The Caywood crew have been going strong and have been working tirelessly to ensure we complete all our current projects in time to satisfy our customers.

Here at Caywood Builders the two important aspects we value are Communication and Expectation. We believe these two are heavily linked. Communicating with the customer and having a clear understanding of what they want is linked to giving the customer a clear picture of what we will deliver. So you can see how these two aspects come together.

Communication when dealing with our clients is vital. Having a great understanding and relationship with our clients is what we do best. This helps us design and build the best house suited for our client. This open channel of communication is vital from the very beginning of the relationship, striving to achieve clarity of our customers desires throughout the process. This entails setting up a meeting with our client to get a feel for them as well as what they desire for there new home. From this we get a greater understanding from them and continue the process to best deliver there needs. At Caywood Builders we understand that errors can be made in this communication process such as not understanding the clients needs and not having a personal relationship with the client. We strive to rectify these issues by getting on a personal communicative level with our clients to ensure they achieve the goal of attaining there dream home.

Expectations leads off communication. Expectations from clients can be tough at times, although this is the case having a great level of communication with the client helps this process. Here at Caywood we understand our clients expectations and give 100% effort to deliver this to them. As you know with the building industry, we are not always going to agree on everything but with our clients we will explore all possible avenues to ensure the expectations are met. Once the plan of action has been established with our client we will always give 100% to ensure that we adhere to this.

At Caywood Builders its our belief that building a relationship with the client is the same as building a property. You must have a strong foundation built upon communication and trust before anything could be added to it. Expectations must be managed along the way and with Caywood this can be achieved.

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